Favorite Pictures

My husband and I

My Furbaby, Cody of over 13 years
He died December 3, 2010

The next group of pictures are just my favorite animal pictures
that people sent me in E-Mails.  They crack me up everytime I see them!  Can you tell I have an issue with weight? lol!

"Does this log make my butt look big?"

on my fluffy white butt... "

"Hellooooooo can you hear me now?"

"Nope, you don't look any thinner from this angle!"

"Im getting so fat, I can hardly scratch my own butt!"

Tissue?! I Don't even know you!!

"I always feel like somebody's watching me"

These are some adorable baby pictures

baby photography Baby Photography: 40 Photos of Lovable Babies


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