Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday- (or Thursday)- The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree

Well this is my desk And I need to tell a long drawn
out story and show a million  pictures to explain where I 
have been for a month. I want you to see my craft space,
because it won't look like this for a very long time! NEAT

My husband and I were supposed to move a few months back
due to a job transfer.  Due to the bad economy and some other
stuff, that is on hold.  When we put the house on the market we
decided to take down my desk that my husband made for me about
 7 years ago.  It has a Corian top and kitchen Cabinets.  He used to
repair Corian so, the cost was minimal.  We would never get that 
deal again, and we knew people would try to convince us to leave
it.  So we took it down, and all my precious supplies went in boxes.
So for 5 months I worked on a card table and out of boxes.
It was like full circle because that is how I started only I had all
of my things on one shelf in a very small linen closet
and one file box.  That is sooooo not the case now.  
If I knew there was a possibility we were not going to move
I don't think I would have been so eager to remove ALL of my 
stuff.  Like I said I had this desk for 7 years.  Supplies were still
limited.  Just coming out with new and exciting things.  My stash 
has definitely multiplied and then some!

When we decided to put the desk back, is when the work began.
For about 3 weeks I have been sorting paper, embellishments and 
stuff that most would classify as junk.  That is in between working 
and all of my other responsibilities.  So that is why I have had no 
cards. We have had this stuff all over our house, so I could not 
with a good conscience play when I had a 
tornado in the house!

Well this brings up my 
"The apple does not fall far from the tree story"
I had a friend that used to tell me that often and I hated it.  Now I
know it is the truth and that is OK!  My great Grandmother was a 
true pack rat through and through.  She saved EVERYTHING!  
There was nothing in her house that got thrown out.  
Newspapers, jars, bread ties, bread bags,and the list goes on. 
Her home was also very dirty and not tidy.
  Well her daughter (My Grandmother) hated it and wanted to be 
different.  She kept a clean house, can throw trash out, 
but collects EVERYTHING!
If it is a collectible she has it!  My Aunt was a bit of all of them.
She had a dirty home, collected everything but was
  obsessively organized!
My mother who had to help both of my Grandmothers move
does not want to be like any of them.  Her house is very clean, 
She does not like collectibles, but she has her things that she likes.  
Hobbies and knick- knacks. Her stuff is very tasteful though. 
 I have prided myself in not being like any of them. 
I am organized, For the most part keep 
a clean house, Don't like collectibles, Don't have too many
 knick- knacks.  Until.... you enter the craft zone!
I am ALL of them!!!  (Except for the dirty part)  I don't throw away
anything!  A very tiny piece of paper, A lost button, A tiny piece of
 ribbon! If you do, there is that one project that you absolutely 
need it for. Like my Great Grandmother, I know I have each and 
every piece of this trash!  And I know it if it is gone!  My husband 
wanted to use a 4" piece of cream paper.  The Nerve of people!
When I said I needed it, he looked at me like I had two
heads! "This?"  It was glittered card stock!

I am my Aunt with being obsessively 
organized.  There is nothing more satisfying than than seeing 
everything neatly stacked and color coded and labeled!  
If life is crazy goto your craft space and see everything all lined up. 
 Ahhhh life is good again! 
 I am my Grandmother because I collect everything!
K&Co. & Martha Stewart target saps like me because 
I have to  have it all!  If it matches and goes together, bring it on!
I am like my Mom in that I can't pass up a good deal.  And
I have  a few more things than I care to admit!
So the apple does not fall from the tree. 
 I definitely have an illness when it comes to this craft. 
 I get almost as much if not more
joy of having my stuff, than actually using it.  
I know it is an illness!
 Most of you reading this can relate in some way! 
So I get great comfort in the fact that 
even though I am sick, so are you!  
Mom, sorry I brought the family into this.  If I 
am being exposed had to bring you all down with me!
I am blaming all of this on Grandma Sheeley!  She started 
this madness that has been passed on for 3 more
generations!  I probably just took it to a whole
new level!  At least the madness stops with me!

Well I probably have missed the deadline with WOYWW, but 
thought you should see what has been keeping me so busy! 
 Now for the fun part
Enjoy all the pics.  It is nice and neat now, but may not stay that way.
I have lots of work to do since it has been sooooo long.
I will post a card tomorrow!

This has a lot of fun goodies in it! Flowers, glitter, punches

Another small unit with tags and punch outs.  
I covered both of them with pretty paper to
 girl them up a bit.

 This was a gift from a friend.  "When I saw this I thought of 
you!"  I think because it is purple!  Yeah that's it!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

My Paper.  The Small stuff is inside the 
cabinet and the 12x12 is out in the open.  
This was made before they sold paper racks.

 Stamps, Ink, Embossing Powder

Circle & Oval templates along with Nestabilities
Got Idea from Dorcas

 My Cricut and Cuttlebug!
Finally have Cricut so I can use it
where it is and not have to put it in the closet.

Some of my punches!
My mother in law gave me this spice rack
and it is perfect for the punches.  Wish I had room
for another one.

Martha Stewart Punches.  No room for new ones!
Whatever shall I do?  Buy more of course!

Stickers and flat embellishments.  
Used to have all of them here and the thick 
ones bunch up.  Still
have to label them 
Decorative scissors.  Don't use them 
much anymore, but can't get rid of them!
Idea from Debbie

This hold my pictures for scrapbooking
and all of my thicker embellishments.

This is my favorite Spot!  Feeds my sickness
Holds all my ribbons, flowers, buttons,
eyelets, brads, ect.  Isn't it pretty?

My stash of paper packs on the floor
under desk

Hope I did not bore you with my family history
and all the pictures.  This is my favorite
 spot in the house. So I thought I would share!


sasa said...

You will be so glad to get back into your room I'm sure - you have some wonderful stuff and a good sort out is a good start! Enjoy it...

Thanks for sharing
sarah (sasa 7)

Wipso said...

Not bored at all and have read every word with great interest. I think we all have a bit of OCD [I know I do]. I really love all your crafting space and fab organisation. I'm a collector too and have a place for everything so that I can always put my hand on everything I need. I have made a big decision this week to sell my rubber stamps [see my blog if you're interested] but I just know it won't be long til the space they took up gets filled with something else :-)
A x

Linda w said...

Love your crafting story. I like a place for everything and everything in it's place, I don't seem to have the energy to keep it there. I'd love my stuff to be as organised as yours, can you please come and do it lol. I have the plans in my head, but wouldn't have time to craft if I carried it all out lol. Your stash is fandabidosi and delicious, thanks for sharing. Hugs lin

S said...

I'm not sure I wanted to see a crafty space quite so neat first thing in the a.m. before I go to my studio which is messy, messy, messy. But I enjoyed the pics. I know what you mean about the decorative scissors, I have a whole basket full, and every once in a while I will use one on a strip of patterned paper just because I can't bear to part with them either, the handles are so colorful sitting in my basket!

Twiglet said...

Oh what a great blog - and what a fab emaculate workspace you have - today!!! Enjoy using it and all the lovely stuff you have to play with!!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Wow! Nice to meet you! Wish you were my neighbor and I could come by your house and play! I daren't throw anything away either! The minute I do i think of something to do with it! Patsy from

Terry & Kim said...

I love your space! It looks like everything has a place. Great story too.

Terry #127


Some great ideas for craft storage thanks for sharing - one day when I have a craft room instead of a table of indeterminate purpose I shall remember them :)

Helen said...

You didn't bore me at all. Love your craft room, and all your storage ideas.

Annemaritta said...

I'm GREEN,speechless and WOW.

Absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic. Oh heck, I envy your cabinets and desk and space. <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Omg you craft room totally neat neat neat!! i love the glitter brads and the cardstock. you are totally NEAT! neater than me...when can i achive this kind craft table.

Susan Allan said...

Such a clean and tidy workspace... how refreshing. I would love a similar place to play...I need more space.
Thanks for the tour.
Sue xx 15

nnalorac said...

This is amazing, love your wall punch idea, you are so organised, think I need you here!!! nnalorac.xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Stacey, beautiful, really beautiful. Sorry about all the upheaval of packing and unpacking, and don't worry about WOYWW, no deadline, no pressure. Have a great weekend, Saturday is World Card Making Day, perfect excuse to mess up your room a bit.


oneoff said...

There are some lovely, lovely things there, and I can see some storage ideas that I need to put in place for my own stash. I'm sorry you've had to take it apart and put it back together, but I hope you enjoy your second time around space.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Holy COW! How could ANYONE get bored reading your obsession confession and how it relates to your family. I was so impressed by the stuff you have. I don't throw anything away, either, but my stuff mostly comes from others' dumpsters. I love how organized you are. Your storage solutions are wonderful and I love all that white! Love that desk unit, too. Sorry about the move, but at least you have your craft room back. Sorry I'm so late getting here to see your desk amd other goodies. I really DID read every word, and that may be why I'm so late getting here. Happy really belated WOYWW from #1.

Jill said...

I am SO jealous of your workspace!!!!!!!!!!! I But it has given me some ideas for mine.

The Bunkers said...

Oh Stacey, this room makes me melt with admiration!!! I love your organizational skills. I knew you did scrapbooking but not to this extent. Apply the "WOW factor" here. Impressive <3

Natasha said...

Hey Stacey,

Your crafting space looks GORGEOUS! So gorgeous it made my heart flutter :-)

I wish I had the space to do it... and everything looks so pretty!

Well done, it must've taken you ages, but look at all the fun you'll have!!!

*Jealous* (in a good way!)

Tasha xXx

Jane said...

I already wrote but it went arrgh!
I love this Stacey I can only dream but am working on my craft room/office at moment bit by bit as I am an extreme hoarder and having to change my ways so I can enjoy my room instead of it been stressful going in there.
I hope to share some pix soon check out my blog
Love Jane x

Spyder said...

Well I know I'm late for WOYWW for this week, but now I know I'm even later than I thought!!Your crafty space is amazing! all great ideas!


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