Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prismacolor Pencil Saga

If you are getting ready to take the plunge and invest in these
wonderful pencils, I would like to share some of my recent pencil woes
to hopefully save you some frustration and money.  My mother
recently sent me a gift. A check made out just to me to spend on
whatever I chose! Just because I'm wonderful!
 She didn't say that exactly, but it was there!
Anyway I could have saved it, bought something practical
with it, like food, but what is the fun of that?!  So I did some
 research on E-bay and Amazon and decided to invest in some pencils.
 Since I may not get this opportunity for a while I decided on the
132 box. E-bay's price was slightly cheaper.
So I went with them. Cheaper does not always save you.
My first disappointment was, I was out of town and came
 home to them sitting on my porch in the pouring rain!
Not the companies fault, and they were not harmed!
Then I opened them to find they had been sharpened.
Apparently some boxes come sharpened so that is a good thing.
However, in investigating some pencils were shorter than others.
They appeared to be used.  In calling Sanford, they assured me
that the pencils would be the same height if sharpened by the
company. They said to be very careful with E-bay companies
 because they get this a lot.  They were willing to replace the set even
though I bought them from E-bay!  That is a very good company!
I highly recommend them!

My other disappointment in the set I bought was the size of the box!
It is advertised to be the bigger box, so you can see your layers 
of pencils.  I received a small square box with no room to see
what is underneath.  I would have been fine with that is what I
thought I was buying.  The company was rude, and not willing
to honor anything.  Said that was the picture from E-bay, not their 
problem.  There is no way that this box is used because the 
box was sealed.  I said I would send them pictures, but they
 would not be reasoned with.  They said they had no more in stock
 nor did Sanford! Sanford, the company that makes them has
 none in stock?!! Was I born yesterday?!  Sanford was willing to
 replace them no questions asked, and it was not even their fault!

Anyway, just be careful as you are choosing and know that there are
2 different size 132 count boxes.  If that matters to you.
I went back and forth as to what to do.  The advantage of the smaller 
box is it is smaller easy to store, and carry, and the pencils
were sharpened.  The advantage of the bigger box is seeing your
layers.  You still have to take them out, but you know what you are
 grabbing.  Now the cost analysis.

This is the cheapest I found.  There may be better deals out there.

Amazon: 104.55 + 12.57 shipping = $117.12
Ebay: 99.99 + 13.32 Shipping = $113.31
AC Moore- 239.99 w/ 50% off coupon = $120 + tax
Michaels- 229.99 w/ 50% off coupon = $115 + tax
Jo-Ann's- 219.99 w 50% off coupon = $110 + tax
This is all US dollars

Jo-Ann's is the cheapest store I found.  Did not try Hobby Lobby.
Unless they are running their art supplies at 1/2 off their coupons
are generally only 40%.  I decided to go with the store
and send mine back.  I already purchased at Michael's before I
saw Jo-Ann's.  Only had one coupon.
  If you purchase before the 15th of this month
you get a $10. 00 rebate.  You can only use it with a retail store.
 So with that I paid a few dollars
more, but I know what I bought, don't have to wait, or go through 
the hassle of the company.  I still have to send mine back
and wait for my refund.  This was Sanford's
suggestion and It would be mine as well, based on my
E-bay Experience!  I have been asked to name the
company, but I need to wait until my money is refunded
first.  They really were not nice and may really
give me problems if I expose them before
 I receive my money!
Hope this help's if you are going to buy!

Larger box 12x8 - Smaller box 8x8

Larger box so you can see the layers.  

Small box no room
Small box-  It is handy, but I think I like the bigger box!

Here are my pictures of the used pencils .

I may be OCD but it bothered me.  It also bothered me
that the writing on the pencils was all different colors and in
different spots. The new box has the same color writing and
all in the same spot!  Much better!!

The different size pencils!  The company would
not even look at the pictures, just insisted they were
new pencils!  I have a set of Crayola's that don't 
look like that!

Anyway, when all this drama is done, I will love my pencils
Thank You Mom you are the best!
Now I have to make you a card with my new
purchase!  That is when I sharpen 132 pencils!
Maybe I will keep the smaller box... Just kidding!


Annemaritta said...

I need to thank you for a very very good, can I say article. What / who was the seller on ebay? Is it easy to find and avoid?

It would definitely bother me, if investing for those pencils, and they came sharpened (I want to sharpen my pencils myself :D ) and small box.

Set of Prismacolor pencils I have is from ebay. 72 BUT one pencils was without led. Price was really really really cheap, so actually I didn't mind.

Seriously I hope you will get your refund. Be careful.

Now you have 264 Prismacolor pencils? LUCKY YOU!!! x x x

dj1952 said...

Yeah for you!!!! So glad you got what you paid for. I know you'll love having this large set as much as I do. Happy coloring.
Hugs, dj

Linda w said...

I completely agree with you, and if that makes me OCD so be it....it would bother me, too. Thanks for all the info.

Andrea Ewen said...

Wow, Stacey, thanks for the info. I'm getting ready to invest in some Prismacolors and I'm glad that you let us know where to go. Now we'll be waiting (fingers tapping) for some colorful goodness to be coming our way! LOL!

Andrea Ewen said...

And thanks for all of your wonderful, kind comments on my blog. I so appreciate your words of support and caring. Thank you, Thank you!!!

Dorcas said...

You tell em, girlfriend!

Annemaritta said...

Any news? Does this saga have a happy ending?


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