Thursday, February 10, 2011

WOYWW And Awards

Dorcas inspired me today to show WOYWW.
I realized I have not joined in on the fun in quite a while
either. And since I actually had something I was working on
 today, I figured why not?! Maybe I will post the finished
product tomorrow. ...or maybe not.  It all according to 
how busy the day is. 

After much deliberation on which paper I shall
use and then there is the layout, I had the 
hardest time choosing ribbon and embellies!

I also received a couple of awards in the last week or so.  
I would like to say 
Thank You for both of them!

The first is from Heidi. She is so sweet and very talented.
Check out her beautiful creations! Thank You Heidi!

I am supposed to pick 3-5 of my fav blogs.
That is a hard one because there are so many
awesome ones out there. So I give it to the first 5
followers that want it! You all deserve it.
The only rule is that it cannot go to someone
with more than 3,000 followers.  

The next one is from Yenni who is also the sweetest and 
extremely talented. Her work is beautiful, check her
creations out!  Thank You Yenni! You are the best!
I am supposed to tell you eight things about myself
Wow that could be quite boring!!
1) Love to craft
2) Takes me FOREVER to pick out my paper!
3) I am addicted to chocolate! Shocker huh?
4) I think I am quite funny- Just ask me!
5) I am an organized pack rat! Mostly in my craft room!
6) I am very shy... until you get to know me, then you can't shut me up!
7) I tend to share way too much in my blogs. I feel you should know the WHOLE story!
8)I am addicted to chocolate. Did I say that already? Well it deserves to be mentioned twice!

Again, because all of my followers are great and do such awesome work this one's for you!


Yenni Natalia said...

huahahha.....your 8 statement just made me laugh! stacey you are soo adorable!!
i envy your spacious and your ribbon rack is something that i need :)

Faye said...

Wow, your desk is so clean and tidy! Well done on your awards, I loved reading your eight things. x

Linda w said...

Now this is the work space I've have planned for you know when. Love it, love the white and everything's how I like things to be but don't have the energy for lol. Your 8 things made me grin and yes I quite agree, chocolate addiction needs mentioning twice...if only to say chocolate. I hope you popped a peice in your mouth each time you said it lol. Hugs lin

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Stacey - you craft in exactly the opposite way t me - you seem to pick everything first, then put it all together. Me, I pick the photo, the paper and then stagger round the room everytime I 'need' something else. Which I guess, is why I make such a mess! great to see your desk again!

Charlene said...

Beautiful white work space. Nice and neat!

Nicky said...

Great work space with all that ribbon organised - love the layout you are working on - congratualtion on your awards - I enjoyed reading your 8 things ~ Nicky no. 9

Elizabeth said...

Hi Stacey, I always enjoy visiting your craft space - it's such a pleasure to look at all that organised ribbon. Love the paisley patterned paper. Elizabeth x #79

Rebekah said...

Ok I am uber jealous here! Your ribbon storage is so beautiful and so organised! I also am desperate for a new sewing machine, so many of my cards cry out for stitching! It is just so perfect! thanks for sharing hugs Rebekah (66) xx

Katie said...

Love your organized desk :) Congrats on the awards!

okienurse said...

Great work space. Very organized. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the is nice to know someone cares!

Jovita said...

You have a great workspace, it's nice and tidy... even while your creating ;)

I like the embellishments you have out for your card.

Kathy said...

How beautiful your desk looks - all so neat and ordered - a work of art in itself hehe

E.T said...

nice to know you a bit more!


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