Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini Medallion

This is a tutorial on making a little medallion using the lace
border punch by Martha Stewart. I actually made this a few
months ago,but was inspired to make another on and do this
tutorial based on thebeautiful work
Andrea Ewen does on her blog EwenStyle. She does all kinds
of beautiful things with her Martha Stewart punches,
so I thought I would share my little tiny one.
But if you really want to make great medallions, check out her blog.
I really admire her work.  And she did not pay me to say all these
nice things... Andrea if you read this you can make a check out to Stac....
Just kidding, I really do love your stuff.

First, start out with a strip of 12" paper and the 
Martha Stewart lace punch.
  The width does not matter because you will be using the punch.

I turned the paper over to see my lines better

Then I used my Martha Stewart score board because it has 1/8" lines
I scored every line to make a thinner flower or medallion.  Martha
Stewart is getting a lot of attention here.  Martha if you are
reading this, you can write the check out to Stacey...

You can use thicker lines, but the fold will be different.
You don't have to score it.  
You can just start your fold with a very thin line
and follow it, but I find it a little neater and crisper to score it.

Then you start your accordian fold.  Just like a fan from 
elementary school.
Who knew so many of the little kids things we used to do
would be the basis of our art as adults!

Then spread it out in a circle while trying to keep it from
popping out!  Have fun with that one!
When you have it the way you want, take some score tape 
or strong adhesive and tape the two ends together.

Then adhere a piece of paper on it to hold it together

Then you can decorate it anyway you want!  
Ribbon, buttons, jewels etc.
Have fun.  This one is very simple.

I now have to try one of Andrea's.  The big girl medallion!
This is the little baby version!


Andrea Ewen said...

Very informative, Stacey! Great tutorial with easy to follow instructions and descriptive pictures. I'll have to try making a mini-medallion now, and maybe put a small cluster of them on a there's an idea! Thanks for the super shout-out and for being a faithful reader and commenter on my blog. I really appreciate it! And checks in the mail...

**ScrapcoLLector** said...

wow...thanks for sharing stacey.normally i will just fold and turn out so uneven. i never thought to do it in this way..once again thanks ^__^


dj1952 said...

Beautiful flower! Thanks for the tutorial. I don't think I've seen it done with the punch. Now I'll have to borrow yours one day or buy one myself. (Hmmmm which would hubby like better?) LOL. I don't have any of the double sided punches yet. You wouldn't be an enabler, would you? Love, dj

Dorcas said...

Hi Stacey~ I tried commenting this morning but blogger was being a pain in the butt. So hopefully it will work now. Awesome job. Im not sure I have the patience for it. I guess while I'm coloring, you and Andrea can be folding medallions. :-)

The Bunkers said...

Where's the like button on this thing? Haha! Loving this technique!!!


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