Wednesday, August 25, 2010


First we are going to see what is on my workspace Sunday!
What a mess!  Finally had a little time to play and created a mess!! 
Now it is clear who made the mess from last week's post!  
That would be me and I used to be so neat.  No really I was.  
Notice the bowl which used to have chocolate ice cream in it.  
Helps me think better! LOL  Hence the big butt song from last week!

Now as I was crafting, the cat, who always joins me, is laying right 
in the middle of my stuff.  Then my husband came in and wanted 
to plan out a schedule so we can utilize our time better. Hence the 
white board!   Well as he made himself comfortable by putting his 
feet on the bed, it disturbed and perturbed the cat.

So they were what was on my workspace Sunday!

Perturbed kitty!

As I posted yesterday it was our anniversary.  My husband was 
trying to figure out what to get me. So I mentioned that I would 
like our kitchen remodeled! Not going to happen!  Soooooo I 
then said, "well if we can't afford that then I will settle for a 
sewing machine!" I'm no dummy!  Although I did not think that
 would actually happen.  He conspired with Dorcas and the two 
plotted and he got the sewing machine!  So he went to Dorcas house
to pick it up and he and her husband wrapped it together.

2 men wrapping a present with pink paper.  
Dorcas said it was hilarious!

It takes a secure man to wrap with pink paper!

Now this is what I'm talkin about!  This is today!

Beauty aye?  
I am thrilled, but don't really know how to sew. There is no
really, I don't know how to sew.  Dorcas came over today to get me
started and give me a coloring lesson as well.  Is'nt she great?!!

My work space Wed.!  Much better!  I can be neat... sometimes!

Moved out in the living room today.  My space has been taken apart
because we were going to move.  So for now I have to use a folding
table.  Soon I will post my desk and hopefully neat & organized space!


Annemaritta said...

Congratulations, dear! For the sewing machine of course ;) but for your Anniversary, too <3

I used to sew everything, leather jacket, suit, dresses, you name it. LOLS! Never sewing stitches on cards. Will do.

The Sunday pic of your workspace is fantastic and soooo warm and fun. :D

Dorcas is <3.

Thank you for sharing those pics :D

Dorcas said...

Yes, I enjoyed that sneakiness. :-D Glad you clarified who made the mess, too.

**ScrapcoLLector** said...

wow!!! i love the surprise soo much! i wonder when will i get the sewing machine! but it is a bit sad if i buy sewing machine for making card it is cost me a bomb if i want to get one with few designs. and yes i dont have friend who knows how to use sewing machine. that is why i scared to buy eventhough always droll everytime see dorcas card with stich on it!
happy for you my dear! ^_^
those photos are very hillarious also. i can imagine what the guys struggle with the


Spyder said...

Great pressy! now, are you going to use it Have a great woyww
sorry I'm late!
((Lyn))on cards or just for making stuff!

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

So funny! I'm so glad to meet you and welcome a new sister to my blog. I think we must be office/studio space looks just like yours...however, I must report...much WORSE! LOL! Its getting there though, as it the rest of the house.

Sewing isn't that difficult, you'll get there. If you can put a puzzle together, you can sew. Keep practicing and enjoy the process.


Linda said...

How funny! Enjoy your new sewing machine!

Natasha said...

Hi Stacey!

Congratulations on all your years together!
And I just LOVED the pic of the two of them wrapping with pink paper :-)

And what a lovely sewing machine - hope you have lots of fun with that!

Tasha xXx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy belated Anniversary and also happy belated WOYWW. I love the story in photos. You have a great way with words and pictures. Your husband and friend wrapping your sewing machine was priceless. And Bleubeard was very impressed by your perturbed kitty. He's not allowed in my craft room, much less on a table, so he knows how yours feels.

I'll be laughing into next week, when I come to visit you again. I want to see some sewing action, too (grin).

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Happy belated anniversary (mine was on the 25th August)
Hope you have lots of fun with your new toy.

Happy Creating.....sorry i'm a little late!



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