Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today is my one year blogoversary!!
As many of you already know I am
celebrating this event with offering
several gifts as my way of saying Thank You
to all of you for all the kind things you do & say.

I am looking to see how bad you have been
 bitten by the craft bug. If you have
read some of the comments there are some
sick crafters out there! Myself included!
(Exactly What I am looking for!)
There are a lot of Pajamas & underwear missing ribbons and husbands pants and shirts 
missing buttons out there! The funny thing is 
you guys are still wearing them!!
Join in on the fun! We are telling it all & there
is some funny stuff!
It feels good to get all that off your chest!

I'll spill one more confession just in case
you are still shy in telling it all.
I was at our congregation a few weeks  ago listening to a very 
encouraging biblical talk, when a friend's daughter sat down next
 to me.  I was so distracted by her adorable butterfly
sandals, that I no longer could pay attention to what was being said. 
All I could think about was "if I only had a pair of scissors, 
these beautiful butterflies could be on a card right now!" 
Then I was plagued with the thought that she has a twin sister and
there is another pair out there! After I sat there drooling for the next hour, 
their mother said they were mine when they out grew them!
Ok now I can pay attention again!
Anyway.... that is the stuff I want to hear.
To get in on all the excitement
and have a chance at winning 
some gifts join us here.
My Blogoversary Giveaway!!!
(Please go to blogcandy page)

You have until July 18th to participate.
Less than one week.


E.T said...

You find the best images for your posts!

Linda w said...

I agree, wonderful images. I want to get married again so I can have that cake and pink champagne. Love your new confession...that is one to beat lol. Hugs lin

Faye said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary Hun. Wow, what a year. :)

THERESA said...

Happy, Happy !!! This party looks a rocking, yeah !!!
Here's to another year( lifting coffee mug....lol)
You talking about weird, girl, you ain't seen it all.......hehehe
My friends think i am crazy, ok maybe just a little, but nobody are allowed to use a pretty paper napkin when i am around, decoupage them on anything rather, and walking in the shops, when they point out a nice flower arrangement, i will hear.. ' yeah, i know, you wanna put that on a card,right'......lol, but they sure keep an eye on me if they do buy it, good for them,LOL
lotsa luv

Josie0602 said...

I look for cute ribbons that are going to be trashed. I have to save them all!! When the agency I was working for was closing, I would see pretty ribbons from floral arrangements being put in the trash cans and I would swoop down and grab them back out. Did those women not know me at all? How could they throw away perfectly cute ribbon? My boss actually had a wonderful butterfly that I wanted but I never did manage to get that away from her!
Happy Blogoversary!

Dana said...

Congrats on your blogoversary!! Too funny about the sandals and that she has a twin!! Bet you are hoping those girls have a growth spurt soon!!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

Happy Anniversary! I am a "green" scrapper and find wonderful things for my creations everywhere! A trip to the craft store is a treasure hunt... My LSS usually has displays outside the store so I search on the ground (as I walk to the store from the parking lot) for flowers that have fallen off of their flower displays! I actually garbage picked a chipboard frame that someone had thrown out in front of a Joann's store simply because it had a bit of dirt along one edge of it. (Hadn't they ever learned to "distress" the edges??!! lol!

Ulina /Apricot Bubbles said...

Bad girl! ;-)
PS: We had convention last weekend... a sister sitting in front of me had such a beautiful ribbon on her shirt - I took a picture immediately with my mobile phone so that I would be able to remember the pattern later on at my craft desk :-)

ursula Uphof said...

Congratulations on your blogversary, love your sandal story. Must say I too can get distracted when I see something that can be used,and start thinking about how and where etc.

Tine said...

Congrats again Stacey, this time for the day itself!
All that pinky girly stuff on your piccies too - & I know for a fact that those pink boxes cannot be yours or the ribbons would have been put onto cards by now. LOL.
Tine :)

Michele Gross said...

Happy Blogoversary!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, I love getting lost in your blog, so much to see,

Lori m

corry'kaart said...

hallo stacey
kwam via via op je blog terecht en vond het heel erg mooi en vrolijk, dus ik ben je volger geworden,zou graag mee doen aan de candy en zal de candy aan de side-bar zetten
fijne dag en groetjes van corry van:corryskaartblogspotnl.blogspot.com

Shirley said...

TFS, now I know I'm human too! LOL Now, congrats on your year and I hope the rest are just as much fun!


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