Sunday, November 21, 2010

I got 'tude Baby!

Looky what I got!  It is always fun to win something! 
Thank You Linda!

First, I'd like to thank the academy!
My Mom & Dad, the fans...
Oh sorry wrong award!
What made her think of me hmmm ?? 
Which one of has the tude... 
Me or my blog?

So to qualify for the $5 free digi certificate from Digi's with Attitude 
I have to tell you three things that makes my blog unique, 
and pass the award onto 5 other blogs...

I am a bit stumped with this
1) When I am posting I sometimes share way too much!
I feel I have to share EVERYTHING!
2) One of the reasons the tude award fits me, is I can be extremely Sarcastic!
I can be quite funny! in fact, I'm hysterical, just ask me!
 I crack myself up all the time!
3) I like collecting my craft goodies almost as much (If not more) than making them

The five people I would like to nominate are:

Andrea Ewen- for your fabulous creations! I love ALL of your work!
Yenni Natalia- also for your your wonderful work as well as being so sweet!
Keri- for being a great long time friend and for just getting your blog started!
Love your stuff too!
Annika- your work too is awesome and wonderful! Your coloring blows me away!
Chris Olsen- for your beautiful creations as well as being from my stomping grounds!

Now you wonderful ladies, to qualify for the $5 gift you just have to 
do the same as I have, but please first pop over to


Annika said...

Oh thanks, Stacey! It means a world to me!! Mwah!!

Dorcas said...

Stacey? Sarastic? Whatevah!lol

Linda w said...

Well you certainly got the attitude nailed lol. Hugs lin

Yenni Natalia said... is for me!! thanks so much stacey..but i need to think what should i write to get this

love it and thanks


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