Monday, November 29, 2010

My Fur Baby

"That don't impress me much!"

Here is some Cat- ittude for you!
If there is a cat with a tude, it would be him!
He just wakes up some mornings and you know he has
 given you the paw!  For right now he has
lost some of his spunk, but we are working hard
to get all his "I'm better than you" attitude back!

If you have been on Dorcas blog you may have
noticed she made a card for me to cheer me up 
since this weekend was a bit  horrible not knowing
if I was losing him or not.  The card helped. 
She is the bestest! 

Anyway, Cody had been diagnosed with
pancreatitis a few weeks back.  He has an inflamed
liver, pancreas and intestines.  He looks like a 
giant cat, but don't let all that fluff fool you.
He actually lost 4 pounds and most of his muscle
mass.  The vet gave him some antibiotics and he seemed
on the mend.  Then on Friday I noticed he stopped eating.
This was unusual, because he has been sick before, and 
has NEVER stopped eating or lost his appetite.  So it was 
a rough 24 hrs., but with force feeding him broth
and letting him lick tuna juice off my fingers
he gained a little strength.  One of the horrible
things is he wanted to be outside and left alone.
That was gut wrenching for me because he has always
been affectionate towards me. He did not even want me 
to touch him.  He stayed curled up in a ball
in his little cube barely able to lift his head or open his eyes. 
Again gut wrenching! My crying hysterically did not help 
him any either.  He has never been a big fan of my crying!
 I was worried about him being warm enough 
because he does not have much meat on him.  
It seemed crueler to force him in the house 
when he clearly wanted to be outside.  He was very
weak, so I did not want to use up his energy fighting 
with me.  He has a stubborn streak... Where did he get 
that from I wonder! LOL

So with a lot of spoon feeding and giving him
bits of chicken, turkey, and tuna, he slowly is
regaining an appetite.  As of last night he started
annoying me wanting to eat. Only meat, but he wants to
eat !Yey!! You don't know how much his
 annoying me, makes me happy!

He still is weak, but coming in and out on his own 
now.  I don't have to hand feed him now, and he is
 really digging being spoiled with more meat!  Just
trying to be careful because his organs are so tender.

I am hoping this all means he is on the mend and
will have a full recovery, but it could go either way
right now. 

Thanks for letting me vent! The thought
of something happening to him has been more
than I can bear, but reality is, he is an older cat
with an illness.  As most pet owners know,
it may be just an animal to some, but it is my 
baby to me!  I was able to write
this without crying, but am having a hard time
fighting the urge now! 

These photos were all taken a while ago!

"I am so incredibly bored with my life!"

"I will kill you!"
He is playing... sort of.  When he gets that
look in his eyes, watch out!  He scoots along
the grass and WILL pounce on you or
your poor unsuspecting fingers!

"What part of no don't you understand?!"

Isn't he just the cutest?  


Heidi said...

Oh... I really hope Cody will be okay. He looks like a very beautiful guy. It's horrible when the animals get sick. I know how you feel Stacy. Hope everything will turn out just fine.
I'm thinking of you:)
Hugs, Heidi:)

Linda w said...

well you jerked my tear ducts with that. So pleased he's on the way back to feeling 'himself' again. Glad the worst of your worry for him is over now. You in prayer. What a handson fella he is, and you can't argue with the 'tude. Hugs lin

Amanda R said...

Hi Stacey, I am new to your blog (thank Dorcas) and am crossing my fingers that your kitty is okay. I have a Lucy that looks like your cat and I can't imagine anything happening to her.

sherry said...

Hi Stacy,
Its Sherry. Keri sent me your link. I would love to add you to my family blog so you can see pictures of the kids. my email is
Maybe you will remember me if you see the blog :)

Yenni Natalia said...

Your cat is so so so cute!!! i love the first photo of your cat and your comment..that dont impress me funny! so sorry to hear about your cat..hope he is getting well soon.


Apricot Bubbles said...

Dear Stacey,
I feel so sorry that you had so many sorrows in the last few days... I hope Cody will feel better soon!
I can imagine, what you´re going through: had a tom-cat for 13years and loved him so much - he had a name, but sometimes we called him "Sir" - so your cat reminds me of him.
Wish you all the best!

Annika said...

Oh Stacey, this is terrible! I don't have any problem understanding that our fur babies are just like the name says - our babies!! It's so sad when they get old and sickly and weak - we just lost an old family dog some months ago and I still keep seeing her ghost when I go to my inlaws. I am going to keep all my fingers crossed for Cody!!!
Big hugs

Dorcas said...

I thought for sure I commented on this post already, whats up with that? are you deleting me? I don't think I cussed or No, I think its cos we were on the phone while I was looking at your post and so was commenting , like, in "real life" which totally doesn't count but anyway, I hope Cody will be fine while you're in NY and Aaron has only to call me and I can come and give COdy mouth to mouth. *gasp* did I really say that? THis migraine is addling my brains. Try not to worry too much about him, he's a strong little man. Cody, I mean.

dj1952 said...

Stacey, I'm also so sorry to hear about Cody. I didn't realize how sick he had been. I also hope that things are going well with your family. Take care of yourself. Hugs, dj

Annemaritta said...

Stacey, I am so sorry! I love cats with attitude (my both cats Noodles and Chips really have some).

Shelley said...

I was going to comment on one of your beautiful projects but then I saw your pictures of Cody. He is absolutely gorgeous and looks very well-loved.

Your Feline Playful friend, Shelley

Scrap It Girl said...

I just found your site through the Feline Playful blog/comment hop.. saw these photos of your cat.. How is Cody now? I have a cat that looks like him..a norweigien forest cat right? I am a new follower too~


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