Friday, July 16, 2010

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Well this is going to be one of those boring stories. I had the girls party today. Went very well. We had a spa day plus made cards. (You can scroll down to other posts to see the purses and invitations made for the party.) I leave on a trip tomorrow and was pleased that with all of that I managed to squeeze in a card. I thought great at least I can post one card while I am gone, and maybe it will qualify for at least one challenge. In all my craziness, I forgot to take a picture and gave it to my friend. I know! What was I thinking?

Soooo now you have to hear my gross cat puke story! Not for weak stomachs! Nothing will wake you up faster than the sound of something puking under your bed. I quickly woke up hoping I could throw him out in time! NOPE! As I am trying to wake up to contemplate my next move, I hear the door slam. My husband high tailed it out of there and left for the day before I could even complain to him about it. So I thought I should go back to sleep and let it cool down a bit. I know, disgusting, but it is easier to wait a little bit. Oh no that was not going to happen. The cat now had an empty stomach and it needed to be filled NOW!! He sits by my pillow and taps me non stop on my face until I slap him. Then a minute later he starts again this time with his claws out. Does not scratch me, but he is letting me know. So I get out of bed to walk him to his full food dish. I know!

He got hurt a few weeks ago and he is milking it now. He already thought that he was king, but now, holy cow. Just like a man who is hurt. Big baby! Lets not pull at that thread! LOL

Anyway back to the other story. So I am still not thinking right, but I go to tackle the yucky stuff by my bed anyway. The smart thing to do would be to bring the roll of paper towels with you. Not me!! I like to make a hundred trips with the dirty nasty ones first and then get another clean one. I get it cleaned up, sanitize the floor, and I realize there is more under the bed. Now I have already made a gazillion trips to the kitchen, so I clean most of it up with the paper towels in my hand, and realize I have one little spot left! So my lazy brain is quickly searching for something, and low and behold my husbands sock! Would I dare! Absolutely! Besides what are his dirty socks doing on the floor anyway? And he did dessert me in my time of need!! Shhhhh I won't tell if you don't.

If you follow Dorcas Designs, this sort of goes with her embarrassing duck story. In the end she asked is it worth it? Then you see their cute little faces and know you wouldn't want it any other way!

Sorry I had to gross you out with this. Would have rather shared a card. Hopefully soon!
Meanwhile isn't he cute?!!


Dorcas said...

Great story! Usually the worst stories 'to go through' are the best to retell. I try to think of that when I'm "in the moment" so I have something to look forward to later.( I'm warped, I know. :-)

**ScrapcoLLector** said...

Your cat is another things that i want to catch and hug (beside dorcas duckies)...
she is super duper adorable..probably i will leave my scrap table to play with her if i have a cat like yours!! soooooooooo adorable...


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